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The Dance Academy of Loudoun Competition Team

Our competition team was founded more than 25 years ago and over those years we have grown what started as a handful of students into a 140 person powerhouse of a team. We've cultivated a program that focuses on proper dance technique and education to create versatile and well rounded dancers that are ready for whatever their next chapter in life may be when they graduate. We take pride in teaching our dancers self discipline, hard work, and dedication while instilling a strong sense of confidence and self esteem. Our goal here at DAL is to give our students every opportunity to grow, not only into the best dancer they can be, but also into the best version of themselves. 

Our Team

Our team consists of 140 team members and 23 competition teams including 8 tap companies, 2 hip hop companies, and 2 acro companies. Each season we take over 250 dances to each competition. Become a part of the DAL competition team family today!

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